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Of Horses and Souls

We are the People of the Horse. Some thousands of years ago, on the vast plains of Asia, members of our race whom we now call Indo-Europeans, and whom we once dared call Aryans, domesticated the horse. Or more correctly, say the geneticists, a single horse, whose traits were such that it could be a…

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The Road to the Ubermensch

Transhumanism is all the rage these days, whether in the mechanistic, dehumanized perspective of Ray Kurzweil  -  who happens to be Google’s chief of engineering  -  or the cybernetic, interconnected human web glimpsed in Herzog’s Lo and Behold - Reveries of the Connected World. Over at the World Economic Forum, the coming transformation of humanity…

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Be A Disruptor!

There is no parallel to our times.  At no point has there been such a threat of total control, ultimate domination, and tempting incentives for the masses to cooperate in their own enslavement. Humans, in the whole, will almost always choose safety and the laziness over risk and vigor.  Most are not and have never…

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